All mothers are amazing in their own right. We often find the energy and resolve we didn’t know we had. Sometimes, in our darkest, most difficult moments we surprise ourselves with our unconditional, selfless love and ability to be everything our children need us to be. And more!

From adoptive parents to biological ones and every type of caretaker in between, we are all in this together. There’s nothing more inspiring than learning from other powerful mothers and finding motivation in their strength and beauty. Here are just a few things that I think make mothers so very captivating.

Moms Never Take a Sick Day

This could not be truer. No matter how bad we feel, mothers always persevere! How is it that even if we’re suffering from a severe sinus infection, cold, or even an injury, that we continue to mother our children just as we would if we were in tip-top shape? It’s like our minds overpower our body’s and say, “No, you cannot slow down. They need you.”

Another wonderful, if not tiring, aspect of being sick is that your children often want to help or make you feel better. This means those small windows of time where you might actually take a nap now include your children joining you in bed, bringing you tissues and water and asking how you’re feeling. These are priceless moments and prime examples that you’ve raised thoughtful and compassionate children.

Moms Never Truly Sleep

Let’s not even discuss the months of broken sleep when your child was an infant. Nighttime feedings, hours of rocking, singing, and soothing your baby to sleep. Only to wake a few hours later for another feeding. Fast forward to the toddler years and your nights are spent returning your curious and rebellious little one to their own bed. But even as your children grow older, mothers always seem to sleep with one ear open.

My son is seven and I still don’t sleep soundly most nights. I still have the monitor in his room so that I can hear him call for me over my husband’s snoring, and trust me, he calls me at least once per night. Usually, it’s due to a bad dream or needing to use the bathroom.

But it’s also amazing to me that my husband can sleep through the sound of our son calling my name over the monitor. I hear it the instant the words escape his lips. And if you think you’ll regain a normal sleep pattern once your children are grown, think again. It’s often impossible to rest at night due to the worry that accompanies raising teenagers. Until your children are home, safe in their beds, a mother’s worry never ends.

Moms Always Know What Their Child Needs

If you’ve ever heard people say that a mother knows her child’s cry, they’re right. Whether a baby is simply fussy, dirty, or hungry, mothers seem to know which cry means what. And this doesn’t change as your children get older. When my son is hurt, I know it. His cry of true pain is much different than his cry over not getting his way.

But a child’s cry isn’t the only thing that mothers are miraculously able to decode. Mothers are somehow in tune with many of their child’s needs, especially those that are not verbalized. A child’s actions are often a result of an underlying issue or concern. This means that sometimes that temper tantrum is really due to your child being tired. Shyness at a birthday party or other outing might actually be a disguise for a sensory processing disorder. Emotions run high when a child is experiencing a growth spurt. In time, you’ll understand exactly why your child is acting the way they are, which will help you better handle any situation that arises.

Moms Can Multitask Like a Champ

Multitasking is definitely listed in the mommy handbook. I think women, in general, are naturally better at multitasking than men, but moms have a special way of simultaneously making dinner, helping the kids with homework, playing referee between siblings, and making tomorrow’s lunches. And all without making a mistake!

Though, from the outside, it may look like mothers are frazzled as they complete these tasks, we’re used to wearing many hats and there’s often a method to our madness. This also includes remembering appointments, overhearing things our children shouldn’t be doing or saying, and reminding our husbands of their own appointments and responsibilities. We are experts at buying the perfect snacks at the grocery store and remembering to add our kid’s favorite shows to the DVR. Multitasking is definitely one of our greatest superpowers!

Moms Are Selfless

This point piggybacks on many of the others. Mothers are truly selfless when it comes to their children and families. A mother’s role is often the caretaker of the family. We are the emotional backbone that helps keep everyone happy, comfortable, and stable. This often means putting our own needs and emotions aside in the interest of our loved ones. Though this isn’t always the healthiest approach, it’s definitely a stance that most mothers take. It’s hard not to. We accept it as our responsibility that our family is taken care of.

But it is important to make time for your own mental, emotional and physical well-being. Without your own health, you won’t be able to help others. This means making time for exercise, meditation, yoga, a hobby, gardening, or whatever it is that provides you with the self-care and mental clarity needed to remain the strong, powerful woman you are!

Moms Are Beautiful

Every mother is truly amazing. Anyone you talk to is sure to agree that they just don’t know how mothers do it. Heck, on some days, I don’t know how I do it! It’s about finding the right balance between so many variables from giving your children your time, while also making time for yourself and the other important relationships in your life. Then there are the basic things most mothers do like laundry, cooking, taking children to their activities, and other household responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong. There are many dads and partners out there that help with a lot of these tasks, but as a mother, we feel an internal need to at least orchestrate the duties, if nothing else.

Mothers are beautiful, strong, and amazing people that should be celebrated, not only by others but by ourselves. We sometimes don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the amazing things we do. So, here’s to celebrating all the wonderful things that make us who we are!

Featured Photo Courtesy: silviarita via Pixabay