Kids have time off from school, letters to Santa, and the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning. So, what’s in the holidays for us grown-ups … besides hanging lights and wrapping gifts? While we love seeing our littles savoring the season, the reasons we bubble with anticipation for the holidays are slightly different (and slightly sillier). Read on to see if you can relate.
photo: Bike SLO County via flickr
1. You can spend the entire day after Christmas in your jammies without any questions asked.

2. Now you have an excuse to shamelessly watch ELF for the zillionth time.

3. Finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater is like finding the perfect bikini.

photo: peapodsquadmom 
4. Eggnog and monkey bread are acceptable forms of breakfast … so is Advent calendar chocolate.

5. The red and green foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses taste better than the silver ones.

photo: peapodsquadmom via Flickr
6. Moving the Elf on the Shelf is more fun after two glasses of wine.

7. Winter Break means you don’t have to pack lunches, check homework, or shuttle kids for a couple of weeks.

photo: Pugawug Tiny Puna via Flickr

8. Kids immediately behave with one reminder of “Santa is watching.”

9. You’re secretly competing with the neighbors for best decorations.

10. The radio station plays holiday tunes (err, All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey) 24-7.

Why can’t you wait for the holidays to start? Tell us in the comments below.  
—Ayren Cannady, Amber Guetebier, Kristina Moy, Maria Chambers, Beth Shea, Annette Benedetti, Leah Singer, Gabby Cullen