219Watch any racecar driver, and you can’t help but wonder what kind of safety standards they use when it comes to their car seats. Seems like whatever it is, the same would be great in a child car seat. This crossed the minds of the folks at Redmond-based Speedware Motorsports , which carries anything you would need for auto racing, from drivers’ gear to roll cages to five-point harnesses and of course auto seats. As a result, they developed a partnership as the original US distributor of Recaro, a German company known for its impeccable auto racing and child car seat design.

At RecaroChildSeats.com, a division of Speedware Motorsports, you can find five models of the Recaro child seat, all of which include features like ergonomic seating, integrated armrests, adjustable headrests and side impact protection. The seats range from $99 to $349 and shipping is free. What’s more, if you go to Speedware Motorsports, you can try out the Recaro seat before purchasing. The sales staff at Speedware is also certified as a Child Passenger Safety fitting station, so your seat will be properly installed at no extra charge. “We only carry the best in auto racing,” says Jennifer Reiss, director of marketing. “So when a large part of our staff became parents, we realized we needed to expand our inventory with Recaro child seats to include safety for our children.”

Recaro Child Seats