We’re proud to present the world premiere of the first video from Recess Monkey‘s 8th studio album Deep Sea Diver. We caught up with the band inside the Sirius XM studios in midtown Manhattan last week to get the scoop on the making of this under-the-sea video, how they plan to present the new songs live, and why there isn’t a single reference to Martin Short’s synchronized swimmer character from SNL.


Let’s put the rumors to bed straightaway: Recess Monkey’s new single, and its accompanying video, is neither a riff on The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” nor an homage to Wes Anderson’s cult film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissuo. That said, “Tambourine Submarine” IS a nugget of nautical pop rock gold, and the video, well, let’s just say that Bill Murray in a red beanie hat wouldn’t look entirely out of place.

The Seattle trio used their trusty green screen to create many of the outer submarine scenes in the 2 1/2 minute deep sea adventure video, as well as a realistic submarine control room set originally constructed as a replica Millennium Falcon cockpit. Bassist Jack Forman spent the better part of a week constructing the Star Wars/underwater vessel prop in his basement with basic household items like cardboard and colorful tape, and copious amounts of ingenuity. Such is the daytime life of a successful kindie rock bass player and Sirius XM Kids Place Live on-air personality! (Forman hosts the “Live From The Monkey House” show that follows Absolutely Mindy in the afternoon.)

Recess Monkey’s humor, which bubbles near the surface of everything they do, is front and center during the dramatic opening credits of the “Tambourine Submarine” video you’re about to watch. Pay careful attention to the absurd character names they’ve given to each other, and enjoy this song & video!

For anyone else desperately hoping to see or hear a Martin Short synchronized swimmer SNL sketch reference on the first water-based Recess Monkey concept album, fear not! Forman confirmed that there are plans to utilize a subtle “I’m not a very strong swimmer” overtone during the band’s next video from Deep Sea Diver, for the percussion-perfect song “The Deep End.”

For a band that makes its bones on the road, Recess Monkey has a fair amount of planning to do ahead of their Summer 2013 tour. Forman admitted that it’s probably time to retire their sparkly silver sequenced pants now that they’re a couple of albums beyond the superhero and space adventure themed Flying and The Final Funktier CDs. When you catch the band live this year, in support of Deep Sea Diver and its companion Desert Island Disc (to be released in the fall), don’t expect to see Jack, Drew, and Korum performing in Speedos or Finding Nemo clown fish costumes. Instead, you’ll enjoy hearing many Recess Monkey hits, like “Marshmallow Farm” and “Flapjacks”, as well as a smattering of new tunes, all performed in tastefully ridiculous attire.


Deep Sea Diver is out June 15.  Pre-order the album and/or find out more about Recess Monkey on their website, and be sure to catch the band on tour this summer (dates and cities forthcoming.)

What is your favorite Recess Monkey song?

— Jeff Bogle

Recess Monkey photo by Kevin Fry (the band, from left to right: Drew Holloway, Korum Bischoff, Jack Forman)