At Red Tricycle, our mission is to help every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. We share the best of the parenting world with our awesome community on Facebook, and we love to hear from you, too. As a thank you to the most awesome parents out there (Red Tricycle parents!) we surprise our community with gifts that will inspire them to get out and make memories with their families.

What is Red Tricycle giving away this week?

  • A pair of complimentary passes from Fathom Events to the Barbie Star Light Adventure event on Saturday, July 30; Five Winners, National
  • $200 of food & groceries for the whole family from Milk & Eggs (farm box, fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, fresh pasta, coffee, meats, etc); Five Winners, Los Angeles
  • One LectroFan, and LectroFan Travel Case from Adaptive Sound Technologies; One Winner, San Francisco
  • A Private tour, plus 1 month membership, 1 personal training session, 1 Pilates session, and 1 total body assessment (Equifit) From Equinox Sports Club Upper East Side; One Winner, New York

How do I win?

To enter, we need to know where you live and how to contact you, so enter here!

We randomly pick winners each week. Full rules and details can be found here.

Ride on!
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