Rainbow unicorns. Multicolored dolphins. Come on. You totally remember the ’90s magic that Lisa Frank brought to us. Those super-colorful Lisa Frank creations were all over your folders, notebooks and gear way back when. Well, Reebok is getting retro with a Lisa Frank shoe. Yep, that’s right. Shoes covered in some of Lisa Frank’s best of her best artwork. And here’s what you need to know about them!

The shoe giant decided to partner with the ’90s it artist to make two pairs of Reebok Classic Leather shoes. Frank told Reebok, “Sometimes I even make my own sneakers, adding height to a flat pair of lace ups. I used to paint my sneakers and everybody loved them!”

The shoes, like everything else Frank creates, were influenced by the world around her. From travel to nature, the awesome artist draws inspiration from just about everywhere.

So, if the shoes are what you absolutely, positively have to have — there may be some not so great news. While they’re fun to look at, you can’t buy the Lisa Frank Reebok shoes in stores. Again, the artist and the shoe manufacturer only made two pairs. That’s it. And instead of selling the shoes, Reebok decided to hold a giveaway on their social media channels!

What do you think about these retro shoes? Would you wear a pair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.