You’re agonizing over your kids’ room decor. Do you go with blue paint, yellow paint, or abstract wallpaper? The possibilities are endless and you continue to psyche yourself out over what seems like a totally permanent choice. Ditch your late night dates with Pinterest and save yourself the hassle with removable wallpaper. Here are 12 choices, some that are as simple to install as peel and stick.

Pretty in Pink Princess

Your royal highness will love the pretty in pink princess wallpaper gracing her bedroom or regal play space. This BPA- and phthalate-free removable wallpaper features a simple peel and stick method. You can even re-use the wallpaper again if your little princess decides that she wants her princess wallpaper in her bedroom, instead of in the basement. After all, what princess wants, princess gets.
Price: $296 for four rolls of wallpaper. Each roll measures 26" x 94"

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— Erin Lem