You’re agonizing over your kids’ room decor. Do you go with blue paint, yellow paint, or abstract wallpaper? The possibilities are endless and you continue to psyche yourself out over what seems like a totally permanent choice. Ditch your late night dates with Pinterest and save yourself the hassle with removable wallpaper. Here are 12 choices, some that are as simple to install as peel and stick.

Zebras Galore

For a subtle and fun design, go for this Zebra-themed wallpaper, which is hand-drawn and custom printed. The removable wallpaper is self-adhesive and is PVC-free, durable, and eco-friendly. You can even affix the Zebra print onto your shelves or fridge if your child doesn't end up loving the design. Good to know: the largest Zebra measures a cool 2 1/4" inches wide by 2" inches tall.

Online: KateZarembaCompany via Etsy
Price: $68 for one roll that is 24" x 144"

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— Erin Lem