wearhop1Kids grow like weeds – very expensive weeds that grow at an alarming rate. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds on duds that your child ends up wearing just a handful of times. But, what if you could get your hands on fashionable outfits for a fraction of the retail price? Meet Wearhop where you can rent stylish outfits from brands like babyGAP, Janie and Jack, Ralph Lauren, and mini Boden on the cheap for up to six months at a time. Sizes for boys and girls range from ages 12 months to 5T. Read on to find out more about this cool service.

How It Works
Start out by logging on to Wearhop and inputting your child’s size and the type of clothing you are looking to find.  You can search by brand or occasion. Once you find something you like, put it into your online shopping cart and you’ll have the option of renting it for up to six months. Not bad considering all items are either gently used or new, and you’ll be paying about 70 per cent less than retail price. Rent. Return. Repeat. It’s as simple as that.

Some wear and tear is expected, and most minor issues will be fixed free of charge by Wearhop. But if there is extensive damage, or the clothing is unwearable upon return, you will be charged the purchase price of the item.

Pricing varies by article of clothing, so each shipment depends on what you order. Rarely does one rental (shirt, pants, dress, sweater, or skirt) cost more than $20 a piece. Shipping is always a $5 flat rate, and returns are free. You simply send back the clothes in the provided box and use the prepaid, pre-addressed postage label. If you really like the clothing, you always have the option of buying. It’s where sustainability and affordability meet.

Forget to return? Wearhop knows that things like this happen. They’ll simply charge you for one extra month of renting and send you an email reminder.
wearhop4Wearhop’s Story
Wearhop is the brainchild of super mom Katerina Newhall. As she stood staring at a closet full of dresses, skirts and tops that no longer fit her daughter, she knew she was wasting time and money running out to by new clothes for every season only to have them packed up in just a few short months after minimal use. All these boxes of too small clothes began to collect dust in the basement. Like most moms, she had the intention to take them to a consignment shop or donate them to charity but, you know, life happened. Thus Wearhop was born with three goals in mind – help parents get rid of clutter, save money while still dressing kids in top brand clothing and promote sustainable fashion for kids. We say, job well done.


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Moms, what do you think of renting out kids clothing from companies like Wearhop? Would you try it?

— Christina Fielder

Photo credit: Wearhop