In spite of all your planning, there’s one thing that can ruin a family vacation in a hurry: losing or leaving behind a favorite stuffed animal. Vrbo has come to the teddy bear rescue with the new Vrbo Teddy Bear Service.

If you’re already halfway home from your family vacation when you finally discover that Mr. Teddy (or Sir Swan or Ellie the Elephant( has gone missing, don’t fret. Thanks to Vrbo’s new teddy bear hotline all you have to do is call 1-774-VRBOTDY or email to report a lost teddy or other item of sentimental value. Vrbo will then track down the lost stuffed animal and return it to you.

photo: Marina Shatskih via Unsplash

A survey conducted by Ipsos for Vrbo revealed that 55 percent of those surveyed said stuffed animals were the most important things kids brought with them on vacation and 69 percent said their child has left a toy or stuffed animal behind while away from home. Parents also admitted to the lengths they would go to replace that lost toy. Nearly half (48 percent) said they would buy a duplicate toy and pretend it was the original.

Luckily now parents won’t have to go such great lengths if they’ve booked a stay at a vacation home with Vrbo. “We know how easily teddies can get left behind under beds, in canoes, or in a vacation home’s best hide-and-seek spot,” said Melanie Fish, Vrbo travel expert. “Our goal is to make sure every teddy finds its way back home and to help kids and their families keep happy vacation memories fully intact.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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