photo: Pexels

Do you feel like you do most of the work when it comes to parenting? If you do, you aren’t alone. And new research is showing that it might actually end up hurting your relationship. That is — it might. Okay, so no one is saying that dads aren’t pulling their weight at home. But, when dad does do less, relationship satisfaction seems to suffer. Shocker (said with absolute sarcasm). Check out what moms and dads are doing around the house and how it may impact how they feel about each other.

The percentage of parents who say they share household responsibilities is higher than you probably think it is. Fifty-nine percent of couples say that both parents share the chores equally, according to a Pew Research Center survey. But, when it comes down to who says they do more — moms win. Thirty-one percent of moms say they do most of the chores, versus only 9% of the dads.

A recent study published in the September issue of the Journal of Family and Economic Issues found that when couples perceive parenting/household duty inequalities, they are more likely to negate feelings about their relationship. This is particularly true for women. Researchers found a stronger negative connection between parenting inequality and feelings about the marriage/relationship for moms than they found for dads.

Oh, and they also found that moms were the ones doing the “unfair” parenting tasks. Yep, that’s you mama. Changing those poopy diapers, mopping up the vomit and not exactly adoring your husband for sitting those tasks out.

Do you and your S.O. share parenting and household tasks equally? Tell us what your percentage is in the comments below.