You probably didn’t have Korean BBQ bowls, chicken pesto pasta salad or meatless Italian Calzoni for school lunch as a kid, but thanks to Revolution Foods, school lunches are getting a healthy and delicious transformation. The creator of kid-inspired, chef-crafted, nutritious meals for students, Revolution Foods is building lifelong healthy eaters nationwide. Wishing you could send your kids to school knowing they would be served an excellent lunch while being taught the importance of nutritious eating? Read on to join the mission and ignite a healthy food revolution in your school.

The Scoop for NY and NJ Families

Committed to transforming citywide wellness by offering meals that exceed federal nutrition standards, Revolution Foods believes that all children deserve access to healthy, delicious food.

The company currently serves 2,500 sites, including early childhood education centers, districts, charter schools, and community and after-school youth programs in 400 cities, including the New York and New Jersey region. Having served the region since 2010, Revolution Foods designs, produces and delivers over 225,000 meals each week to students across 200 school and community sites throughout Greater New York and New Jersey. As a result, they’ve created over 150 new jobs in the community and continue to build brighter futures for our youth and families.

Kid-Inspired, Chef-Crafted Meals Students Will Love

Revolution Foods aces the school lunch menu by serving well-balanced meals that are great tasting too. They pride themselves in using only clean label and wholesome ingredients, including fresh local produce, high-quality proteins, rBST-free dairy products and no artificial flavors or colors. Their meals are truly next-level.

Always going the extra mile, Revolution Foods engages with kids at every step of the development process to create menus that kids will enjoy eating. They survey over 2,000 students every month to gauge students’ satisfaction level of their meals!

You won’t find standard issue sloppy Joes and chicken nuggets on their menu. Revolution Foods has made elevated school lunches a reality. With both meat and vegetarian options, the company’s chef team crafts culturally and regionally relevant meals to broaden kids’ palates and help them build a positive relationship with healthy eating patterns.

Student favorites from Revolution Foods in the NYC area include the chili citrus drumstick and rice, classic spaghetti and meatballs, chicken teriyaki with brown rice and more. Each meal comes with seasonal fresh fruits and veggies of the day with choices like chili citrus corn, island-glazed carrots, and cut melon and plums.

Food for Thought: Healthy School Lunches Lead to Positive Academic Outcomes 

Every parent who has ever prepared a school lunch knows that food is the fuel kids need to get through a long school day. That’s why lunch must pack the right punch and be a combination of proper nutrition and foods your kiddo will actually eat.

Revolution Foods has got your back when it comes to making sure your kids are eating healthy while away from home, by teaching your children how to love food through classes that demonstrate how foods can help them grow strong and succeed beyond the classroom. Proper nutrition and healthy, nourishing foods can drive positive academic outcomes. In fact, a recent paper published by UC Berkeley showed that nutritious school meals create improved health and academic outcomes, helping kids achieve their true potential.

Get Healthy Meal Options…Even in the Summer Months

When summer break is on the horizon, food insecurity becomes a looming issue for lower-income families across the country who rely on school meals to feed their kids. Revolution Foods is on a mission to ensure that kids don’t go hungry when school’s not in session. They aim to make healthy food accessible to all and currently provide great tasting, healthy meals for schools, community centers and parks and recreation sites across 15 states.

Contact your community summer programs and Revolution Foods to learn more about how your kids can enjoy free or reduced rate meals during the summer.

Join the Revolution

Revolution Foods empowers parents by offering healthy meal options, so they can advocate for better food in their kids’ school cafeterias.

Ask your school to partner with Revolution Foods as the school provided lunch solution. You can take a proactive stance in improving the quality of school meals by encouraging your school to become involved in wellness and nutrition education.

Revolution Foods believes in the power of community and spearheads nutrition advocacy programs to empower students to make smart food and lifestyle choices beyond the cafeteria. They team up with best-in-class community partners such as FoodCorps and Share our Strength to enrich kids’ lives with nutrition curriculum, cooking classes, gardening lessons and other educational events. Join the revolution today, to create a better tomorrow for your kids.

Copy by Beth Shea; photos courtesy of Revolution Foods