Homemade Rice Krispies Treats evokes memories of childhood and hugs from loved ones. Since we can’t always be with friends and family, Snap, Crackle and Pop whipped up a hug you can eat. New Rice Krispies Treat Homestyle are an ooey gooey taste of home. 

Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle

Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle features extra marshmallows folded into every bite. They’re even 50 percent bigger than the original treats. Available in original and chocolate flavors, these new treats are individually wrapped with a writable wrapper allowing you to leave a little extra love with a handwritten note.

“We all have memories of our families and friends in the kitchen preparing for celebrations and gatherings, and Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle look and taste like those memorable, homemade treats we make together,” said Sarah Reinecke, Director of Brand Marketing for Kellogg’s Portable Wholesome Snacks. “For anyone gathering virtually, we wanted to give our fans a treat to enjoy the recognizable homemade taste that hearkens the emotions time together creates.”

Now through Dec. 31, everyone has a chance to embrace a first taste of new Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle by reaching out to their most-missed huggers. Follow these simple steps to enter:

  1. Check out the Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle announcement on Twitter.
  2. Share the Tweet and @mention the person you want to hug the most
  3. Tag your post with #RKTHomestyleEntry.

Rice Krispies Treats will randomly select entries and send participants, and the person they’ve nominated, samples of new Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle in both chocolate and original flavors.    

Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle will be available in grocery stores nationwide in January retailing for $3.19 for a six-bar box, or $4.98 for a 12-bar box. For more information on Rice Krispies Treats Homestyle, follow Rice Krispies Treats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find more inspiration.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Rice Krispies


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