If your family includes a fur baby or two, chances are you’ve spent a good amount time and money gearing them up with their own toys, treats and accessories. Much like with your kids, pet owners do love to go all out to please their pets, but some items are a little more outside-the-box than others, like these weird pet products.

These are some of the most ridiculous pet products you can find:

Shed Defender

If you love your pooch, but not all that fur that gets left behind on your furniture, then this dog leotard could be the answer. At the very least it will keep you in laughter, that is if you can convince your dog to wear it.

Available on Amazon, $39.99.

Dog Life Jacket with Mermaid Tail

Keep your dog safe in the pool and make his mer-dog dreams come true with this mermaid dog life jacket.

Available on Etsy, $32.

Adjustable Pet Sling

If you already wear your baby, why not wear your pets?

Available on Amazon, $22.99.

Bowser Beer

At the end of a long day of barking and scratching what more could a dog ask for than an ice cold bottle of non-alcoholic dog beer. It comes in three delicious flavors: Beefy Brown Ale, Cock-a-Doodle Brew and Porky Pug Porter.

Available on Amazon, $26.99.

Meowsling Cat Wine

You wouldn't want to leave your kitty out of the party. Pour your feline friend a glass of this catnip-infused, non-alcoholic "cat wine."

Available on Amazon, $11.98.

Pawdicure Polish Pen

Every pet wants to look their best so help them put their best paw forward with a colorful pawdicure.

Available on Amazon, $7.99.

Cat Laptop

Tired of your cat taking over your laptop? Give her one of her own.

Available on Amazon, $26.25.

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine

Bacon-flavored bubbles, need we say more? The entire family can get behind this one.

Available on Amazon, $24.95.

Mattel's Puppy Tweets

Is your dog a social media maven? Clip this device onto her collar and every time she barks those Twitter followers are in for a tweet. Whenever your dog moves or barks with this wifi enabled device on you'll get notified via Twitter with one of 500 preloaded phrases.

Available on Amazon, $16.95.

Snuggie for Dogs

Your dog deserves a cozy night on the couch too. Wrap him up in this blanket with sleeves and curl up for some Netflix.

Available on Amazon, $8.15.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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