Rob Lowe knows just how scary the California wildfires are. Lowe’s Santa Barbara home was almost destroyed by the Thomas Fire. But thanks to the dedication and hard work of the local firefighters, the actors home was saved. With a fire raging almost at his doorstep, the brave men and women of the local fire department stood in Lowe’s yard, keeping the fire from reaching his home.

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Dinner for new friends at our house.

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When the fire danger was gone for Lowe (the Thomas Fire is still burning, as firefighters continue to work diligently to get it under control) he didn’t just go home. Nope. He went home and decided to set up a very special thank you for the firefighters who so selflessly helped him.

So how did Lowe thank the local fire department? With a big bowl of spaghetti and all the fixins’! Yep, that’s right. The actor cooked and served a very special dinner to his “new friends” and posted a pic of the dinner (and the brave firefighters who saved his home) on Instagram.

There were plenty of positive responses, as there should be, to the pic and post. One commenter wrote to Lowe, “Nice job Rob” and another added, “Good for you — they deserve a good meal!”

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