Whether our kid just landed from outer space or time traveled from the future, our little one just can’t get enough of robots that buzz, beep, and light up. For Owen’s first birthday party, a fleet of colorful robots marched into one of his favorite local parks for a fun bot-themed bash.  Owen’s mom Candace used her party-planning expertise (she’s the owner of lillypaul designs) to create this awesome party for her Mr. Roboto, which comes to us courtesy of We Heart Parties. Check out how Candace pulled off everything from the robot decor to the tasty bot pops by clicking through the slideshow below.

Robots may not need to eat, but Owen’s party guests certainly filled their tummies on a whole spread of robot-themed treats from Nuts and Bolts popcorn mix to Memory Cells puppy chow and Fuel Pack cupcakes. Littler bots recharged at the Micro Bot Station where Goldfish, veggie straws, and Cheerios were aplenty.

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What would you want to include in your kid’s robot-themed birthday?

–Scott Wardell

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