Healthy snack foods are hitting the supermarket shelves faster than we can keep track of them, and while many may leave kids turning up their noses, there’s one new snack that your kids will gobble down faster than you can read off the ingredients list. Introducing Rockin’ola, the brand new whole grain granola snack that delivers lots of good-for-you-goodness and delicious flavors combinations.


Rockin’ola snacks are a brilliant mix of whole grain granola clusters and freeze-dried yogurt drops. What makes them special? They use real yogurt containing live and active cultures, giving your mini munchers a little shot of healthy goodness in with their 100% whole grain clusters. In fact, Rockin’ola snacks just contain real food, so you’re getting a healthy snack without all the extra stuff like artificial flavors, colors, preservatives. What else? There’s no cholesterol, no trans-fat, no saturated fat, and no high fructose corn syrup either–whoo hoo!

For their first year, they’ve launched two flavors: ChocoBerry–Chocolate Granola Clusters with Strawberry Yogurt drops, and BerryBerry–Strawberry Granola with Mixed Berry Yogurt drops.

They promise more delicious flavors to come, but their first two have already received two big thumbs up from little snackers who mix them in with their cereal, ice cream, pudding, pancake and waffle mix, smoothies, and more.

Rockin’ola Granola Snacks cost $.75 for a 1.1oz bag. Check their website, as they plan to start online sales soon.

Say goodbye to snack guilt with Rockin’ola Whole Grain Snacks.