We bet your kids love a good party, but do they know how to party like rockstars? One tot in Los Angeles partied like the Rolling Stones for his third birthday party with some of his closest groupies…um, we mean friends. The party had everything Mick could ever want in a party including rockstar VIP passes, a totally amazing assortment of snacks, and even a jam session. The rockin’ third birthday party all came together thanks to the birthday boy’s rockstar mama, Lisa Friedman of LA Party Stylists (along with her totally awesome business partner Marisa) who totally know what it means to throw a memorable birthday. Lisa sat down with Red Tricycle to dish about how this party came together and even gave advice to DIY parents who want to throw a similar themed party. The best part? She showered us with tons of inspiring photos.

Red Tricycle: What inspired you to create a rock star party?
Lisa Friedman: My son was turning three and loves playing the guitar and singing. We decided to throw him a rock star themed birthday party.

RT: How did you pull together that amazing food table? Did you bake the goods yourself?
LF: My friend Marisa Lainer and myself started a dessert table company called LA Party Stylists. We bake all of the desserts on the tables (other than the candy) and decorate the table with pretty boxes and displays, banners, backdrops and labels. We also make table centerpieces and fun party favors.

RT: Can you go into a little detail about what type of activities were at the party?
LF: We made every child personalized backstage Rock Star passes with their photos on each pass and passed them out as they entered the party. While we were waiting for all the kids to arrive the ones already at the party were able to decorate their own cutout guitars that they could also wear.

RT: Tell us about the instruments and jam session.
LF: Once all the kids got there the instructors started a music class. After the music class the children were encouraged to dress up as rockstars, take photos on the red carpet using props, and then perform on stage using instruments as a rock band. After the music festivities ended they blew up a bounce house and the kids jumped and had a blast.

RT: For other crafty DIY parents who love this theme, do you have any advice for throwing a Rock Star party?
LF: You can purchase the cut-out guitars from Oriental Trading Company and many fun items to throw in party favor bags like blow up guitars, microphones, sunglasses and more.

RT: What were in those cute goodie bags? Where did you buy/make them?
LF: We purchased the tote bags from PaperNook on etsy. We selected the guitar image and asked for pink for girl tote bags and blue/red for boy bags.

A special thanks to Lisa and Marisa of LA Party Stylists for sharing the amazing photos and totally inspiring party with us. Don’t forget to head over to LA Party Stylists for even more great birthday party ideas. From baking to center pieces to offering a full service party, LA Party Stylists does it all.

All photos provided by Kaptured by Kristen Photography

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