With summer in full swing, vacation is on everyone’s mind! Vacationing holds different meanings for every traveler and family. For active families who are  in search of exciting vacation ideas that can be planned on a budget, here are my top recommendations from my family’s travel experiences!

Dude Ranch in the Rocky Mountains

Have you ever wanted to champion your inner cowboy and return to the wild west? Ranches in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana offer families the opportunity to leave the big city behind and connect with our amazing national parks through horseback riding, hiking, and day tours! My family loves Peaceful Valley Ranch in Colorado (http://www.peacefulvalley.com). Located a hour outside of Denver, my brother and I learned western st‌yle of horseback riding as we had the opportunity to explore Rocky Mountain National Park! In the evenings there were organized dinners and evening activities which allowed us to meet people from around the country!

House Boat on Lake Powell

Are you a landlocked sailor? Do you love the idea of a boating vacation without the worry of wind and tidal currents? Consider renting a house boat Lake Powell! Nestled between the border of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is a reservoir along the Colorado River. The immediate area supports marine activities such as waterskiing and fishing as well as on land activities such a hiking and golfing! Renting a houseboat allows your family an affordable way to explore the canyon and create a memory of a lifetime! http://www.lakepowell.com/

Sailing Cruise in the Caribbean

Have you ever wanted to channel your inner pirate of the Caribbean? There are so many islands to visit and each has unique characteristics. In these instances, why pick one island when you can sail and have the chance to experience several destinations without moving you suitcase. Sailing cruises like the Island Windjammer provided well curated itineraries with activities, meals, and experienced skippers to provide a seamless and safe family vacation! Winjammer cruises offer the amenities of a cruise experience with the intimacy of a sailboat and with few passengers. For the more adventuresome family, several companies allow you to charter private sail boats and even a skipper to create a custom itinerary to fit your schedule. Can’t you see yourself on the dingy headed to visit the white sandy shores?

Drive the East Coast of the USA

Have you ever wanted to capture the diversity of the East Coast? A family trip driving the East Coast of the United States is a phenomenal opportunity to experience the diversity of local cultures and trace our history from the colonies to the modern era. A roadtrip along the East Coast can take between one to two weeks with plenty of time for your family to explore hidden gems along the Outer Banks and southern towns of Charlestown, Savannah, and St. Augustine! Amtrak offers an autotrain between Florida and Northern Virginia to help your family return home in a day!

Drive the Coast of the California

Have you ever wanted to explore the majestic western coast of the USA? When I think of my family’s drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco, memories of our dramatic coastline and unique wildlife come to mind! A trip from these two cities can take less than a week depending on the pace in which you want to drive and frequency of places that you want to visit! One of my favorite stops was stopping at Seal Beach in San Simeon after a day exploring Hearst Castle!

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