If you are anything like us, you mourned the last episode of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels with huge, hormone-fueled tears. Getting a glimpse of Pope’s glamorous life as a mom, shop owner, maternity wear designer and New York City “Baby concierge” was our pregnant guilty pleasure. The Brit-born brains behind Rosie Pope Maternity and MomPrep prenatal, postpartum and parenting education studio is somehow both adorable and approachable at the same time—making her our official mom crush. Expecting her fourth child this winter (as well as having a new layette line on the way), Pope busts open the myth about moms who have it all—and her shares secrets on how she stays sane.


Entrepreneur, designer, blogger, TV personality, human grower—you wear SO many hats. How do you balance work and mommy life and stay sane?

I don’t know if there is a whole bunch of balance in my life. I think people are really obsessed with that question and how to achieve it, but I look at life in phases. Right now the two most important things to me are my kids and my business. They take up my entire life, and I don’t have time for most of the other things people describe when they talk about balance (like “me” time and “couples” time). But these are the things I want to focus on right now. As time goes on, and my kids get older, I will have time for other things and life will all balance out. But to try and squeeze in everything, everyday, doesn’t make any sense. It makes people feel they are completely unbalanced and crazy not giving their best to anything. So, I prioritize.

Do you think there is a misconception about having it all?

I think having it all means different things to everybody. It is all about defining for yourself what having it all means, and then deciding how you can achieve it—but, over a longer period of time—not everyday.

What is the most important lesson you teach at MomPrep?

The most important class is Baby CPR. Parents should know how to save their baby’s life. It is just as important that caregivers take the class as well. It is a personal mission at Rosie Pope. The most important lesson is that knowledge is power. It gives us confidence in parenting. It opens our minds and our souls up to really enjoy parenting.

Baby number four is on the way—congrats! Are you prepping the nursery? Color scheme? Theme?

This baby will be born when it is really cold, so I am obsessed with cream, ivory, fluffy and polar bears. I am going for this very Arctic feel.

Has this pregnancy or experience with baby number 4 been different than the others?

The first trimester was far worse as I was very nauseous, but then after has been one of my easiest pregnancies.

What is always in your diaper bag?

I always have diapers and wipes, a change of clothes for my kids and a top for me.  Moms often forget that their mess gets all over you too, so I always bring a back-up blouse. And too many snacks! My husband jokes that if we get stranded on a dessert island we would all be fine. I don’t like to be hungry, and I don’t like when they are hungry. I also always have a lip stain and Clairns Beauty Flash Bomb. It makes your skin glow so I put it on in the minivan before we go anywhere. I also carry the medium size Legos. I have kids of all ages but those things always entertain everyone and they fit in the bag.

Any other secrets to being on the go with tots in tow?

It is important to try to stay positive. As an adult we get very stressed about time schedules, and the kids don’t really get that. They are often in their own imaginary worlds. Talk to them beforehand and make them feel a part of the team as opposed to getting stressed. Explaining the group goal is really helpful. Also, I get dollar store toys and wrap them up so that every hour they get something new—stickers, lollypops, etc. It gets them excited, and makes the trip much more fun.

What’s next for Rosie Pope?

The day this baby is due, the baby line is due. Obviously, it wasn’t planned that way. We are launching a line that ranges for babies layette to two years old. It will be a big launch with Gilt, Amazon and Diapers.com as well as in Rosie Pope and other stores. The line showcases classic cuts with beautiful prints. {Editor’s note: Rosie wanted Red Tricycle readers to get a sneak peek at a few new prints — check them out below.} I incorporated little innovations and tricks I learned as a mom that make life easier. For example, it always bothered me that footed rompers grow too small, too quickly because children’s feet seem to grow faster than their bodies. With the new line the pajamas have detachable feet so you can turn them from footed to non-footed.

achors away boys print[2]Dress Up Repeat[2]

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—Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of Rosie Pope

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