The ever-entrancing, furiously frustrating, totally rad Rubik’s cube was an ‘80s toy staple. Well, it’s back. Kind of. The new Rubik’s Briks line of toys is bringing back hints of the former fave, but with a completely new twist. Rubik’s Briks 3D Play, Pixels and Puzzles are coming this summer and fall. And we’ve got the scoop on why your kiddo is going to adore the awesomeness of this brand-new toy partnership.

photo credit: PRNewsfoto/Strictly Briks

Imagine what would happen if the iconic Rubik’s cube met up with a 3D brick construction set. Well, now you don’t have to imagine it. That’s exactly what the Rubik’s-Strictly Briks partnership is bringing to kids (and their building-happy adults).

The collab between the old school Rubik’s and newbie Strictly Briks features modeling experiences, puzzles and challenging problem-solving types of play that ranges from beginner to advanced. This means children from preschoolers to middle schoolers can enjoy the new toys.

Founder and CEO of Strictly Briks, Brian Semling, said, “Imagine taking apart a Rubik’s Cube and using the colorful cubelets to build in the brick universe. That was our inspiration.” Semling went on to add, “We get kids, and kids at heart, to use their imagination to build creative objects in an entirely new way. We also created easy-to-remove new tile Briks to encourage the design of cool pixel art. Plus these same tile Briks, with Rubik’s 2×2 and 3×3 patterns, allows kids of all ages to solve challenging puzzles.”

And really, what kid wouldn’t want to do all of that? The Rubik’s Briks line will hit store shelves (and the Internet too) by fall of 2018.

What’s your best Rubik’s cube memory? Share yours in the comments below. —Erica Loop


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