Have you ever solved a Rubix Cube or did you cheat by moving the stickers around? This iconic toy celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. This year, Spin Master Games released a new twist on your favorite classic, a 2-in-1 challenging puzzle that combines the Rubik’s Cube with the challenging Perplexus puzzle.

Rubik's Perplexus Hybrid 2x2

To play, roll the steel ball to the “Start” space on the Rubik’s Perplexus Hybrid 2×2 and twist it to align the tracks and maneuver the ball through the inner maze. 

Put your skills to the test by rolling past increasing numbers along the track on your way to the finish line, making sure not to fall off. Once you finish one of the squares, twist and turn the cube to align with the next cube like in the original. Rubik’s Perplexus Hybrid 2×2 helps build problem-solving skills through challenging and engaging gameplay and is the perfect size for on-the-go fun. If you complete the maze, you complete the cube.  

Rubik’s Perplexus Hybrid 2×2 is available for $14.99 at Target and Amazon

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Spin Master


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