If you have young kids at home, chances are they have no idea what you actually do for a living besides “work.” If you happen to be movie star, however, you’re kids might just think you fly a space shuttle. Ryan Gosling’s kids think he’s an astronaut and he’s not about to spoil their fun, either.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new movie First Man, Gosling shared an adorable story about how his daughters think he’s an actual rocket man. First Man is a biopic about where Gosling plays astronaut Neil Armstrong and his mission to the moon.

Gosling is dad to daughters four-year-old Esmerelda and two-year-old Amanda Lee, that he shares with actress Eva Mendes. At that young age, it’s probably hard to explain exactly what it means to be an actor in a movie.

“They came to set, and they came on this day where I was shooting a launch scene. So I was in the space suit and pretending to launch. I think they think I’m an astronaut now,” Gosling told Kimmel.

Clearly Gosling didn’t do much to dissuade his girls on their career theories about dad. He added, “My oldest said the other day, she pointed to the moon and she was like, ‘That’s where you work, right?’”

Hey girl—now that’s adorable.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Universal Pictures via YouTube



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