Even if your fall family sports season looks a little different this year, there’s nothing like getting your kids outside to be active and have fun. And, look on the bright side—this is a chance to try other sports that you might not have considered before. You might end up introducing your kid to something they love to do even more.  Whether you’re headed outdoors or prefer to stay inside, we’ve done the research and found five safe sports—for any environment—to try during COVID. Scroll down for our picks and then hop on over to Nike PLAYlist, a curated content resource for parents, to find even more fab ideas to get your kids moving, learning and active. 

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More families are getting out on wheels than ever in 2020. It’s a fun sport everyone can participate in, and it’s one of the healthiest activities out there. Not only does biking help with balance and posture, but once your beginners master the art of riding a bike, you can be outside but moving at a fast pace away from other riders. 

Get moving (at home): If biking isn't in the cards for you, but you still want to kick up that heart rate (and let's be honest, tire out your kids), Nike PLAYlist has tons of ideas. We especially love this Nike PLAYlist "Shake Up" episode that'll inspire your kids to get moving, all while maintaining a sense of humor. 

Must-Have Gear for Biking: When kids are first starting on a balance bike or a bike with training wheels, comfort is key! Nike has a great hoodie and pants set that’s lightweight but warm, which is perfect for the changing temps (and you can add layers!). And, if you’ve got a toddler on a balance bike, she’ll need to wear a shoe with lots of traction and support. Nike’s Air Max 270 fits the bill with rubber on the sole, a large Max Air unit in the heel and elastic laces for easy on/off.



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Disc Golf

Disc golf has taken off in the last few months. Spread out in open spaces and woodsy areas, the game is played like real golf, but players use hand-eye coordination and a running start to throw hard frisbee-like discs towards baskets. Since it’s best to play with around four or five people (otherwise, you’ll be waiting around to throw), it’s perfect for social distancing.

Don't have a frisbee? So much about why we love Disc Golf is that it helps promote hand-eye coordination. Refine those skills by taking the fun indoors and throwing a ball back and forth. Take a cue from this Nike PLAYlist "Shake Up" episode that'll have your kids moving, jumping and throwing, all without having to leave the house. 

Must-Have Gear for Disc Golf: Courses can be up to five miles long, so having a lightweight backpack or sack for water, snacks and discs is a must. This Nike printed gym sack is a perfect fit; it won’t weigh your kiddo down. And, depending on the terrain, you and your fellow thrower might have to climb or hike around hunting for lost discs, so these lightweight React Vision shoes from Nike, with lots of tread on the bottom and sides, are ideal for a day on the course.


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Whether you and your mini-marathon runner are actually training for a future race or if you just like to set up races between siblings, running might be of the most COVID-friendly sports to take up this fall. You need very little in the way of equipment, you can do it anywhere (the park, on a bike trail, in your neighborhood, at the track, etc.), and there are no rules except the ones you and your family make. 

Can't make it outside? You don't need head out the door to run. Nike's PLAYlist will give your kids tons of inspo to move those feet indoors. Run in place and do headstands right at home. Check out this fun Nike PLAYlist "Shake Up" episode and get moving. 

Must-Have Running Gear: Running is a high-energy sport, and this Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece will ensure your little will stay warm and dry. The proper shoes are important, and these Nike Renew Run Light sneakers are designed specifically for younger kids. They are a slip-on style, have soft cushioned soles, and are made from a lightweight mesh.


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Why is golf one of our top COVID-friendly sports? There is plenty of space to spread out on a course. And, it’s harder to play than you think! Kids will learn how to be patient, learn problem-solving skills, and they’ll get exercise from walking the course carrying clubs. Talk about a sport that checks all the boxes!

Sticking close to home? Hear from pro golfer Cheyenne Woods as she shows you a fun way to get moving with your golf clubs, all from your own home or yard. Check out Nike PLAYlist "The Replay" episode here. 

Must-Have Golfing Gear: Golf courses often have dress codes, and this Dri-FIT Vctory golf polo from Nike is not only classic attire, but the material will keep kids cool while trying to make par. Complete the look with Nike’s kids’ golf shorts. They come in four different colors and are made of a stretchy fabric that makes walking from hole to hole comfortably easy. 


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Not only is tennis great for physical development (lots of running for cardiovascular health, short movements for muscular strength), but it improves fine motor skills, and there is zero contact between players. 

Take tennis inside: Nike PLAYlist's episode featuring Dylan Alcott showcases how you can bring the tennis fun inside. He dishes how he used to play table tennis without even leaving the house. Hear directly from Dylan and get inspired to set up your own table tennis match by watching Nike PLAYlist Sports Lab: Throwback here. 

Must-Have Tennis Gear: Players heat up quickly in tennis, so having clothes that are airy and move well is nearly as important as having the right shoes. We love Nike’s Court Jr. Vapor tennis shoes for kids because the breathable mesh keeps feet cool, and the supportive overlays support quick movements and a fast pace. Complete the look with this cheerful Dri-FIT top from Nike. The sweat-wicking undershirt will keep players dry comfortable.



—Gabby Cullen



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