What’s a better job description than “Dad?” Nothing really, unless you can add illustrator, math teacher and totally awesome pancake maker to your resume! Using batter, one pop draws marine animals, animal skulls, sharks, vegetables and even Star Wars characters to introduce new things to his tots. This is the best way to have breakfast.

This is the work of Nathan Shields, a stay-at-home dad from Washington State who has been making state-of-the-art pancakes for his lucky kids for years. Now the kids even help make their own awesome creations.


While his kids often make requests, like getting Belle or a dragon, Nathan also takes pancake requests in the name of science. For $100,  he’ll cook up any image you want, send a pretty picture (which you get to keep), and that money gets donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Pacific Marine Resources Institute.


You can learn the tricks of the pancake trade over at Nathan’s Youtube channel here.


This awesome dad also uses his incredibly accurate pancakes to teach his kids new things. His kids have had the joy of eating pancake cephalopods, different species of bunnies, sharks, butterflies and more. Check out the yummy creations over on his website Saipancakes.


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— Christal Yuen