There’s no denying that life in the Bay Area is pretty darn perfect. We barely know the meaning of winter, we can get our beach fix any day of the week and there’s kid fun around every corner. Here’s 35 reasons why local parents are Bay Area proud!

photo: Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

1. Our museums are more than just paintings on the wall—they include multi-sensory experiences and areas to explore the outdoors.

2. We don’t have to wait for Taco Tuesday to chow down on some tasty tacos.

3. We have some awesome local clothing brands to dress our rock star kids.

4. We are just a hop, skip and a jump away from Wine Country and all it’s amazing holiday activities.

5. Magic is everywhere, including the tiny fairy houses right in our neighborhoods!

photo: Kate Loweth

6. Can you say brand-new bike park in the heart of the city?

7. Kids and coffee shops go hand-in-hand (as long as you go for the decaf).

8. Our kids can eat free every day of the week.

9. LEGO addicts can get their fix and swap the old bricks for new-to-them bricks at these LEGO resale shops.

10. Homework time doesn’t have to be a drag around the dining room table—we have lots of inspiring places for kids to crack the books.

photo: Kate Loweth

11. Everyone is welcome at these play spots that were designed with special needs kids in mind.

12. We can admire redwoods almost anywhere—even in the center of downtown, SF.

13. Raw cookie dough on a cone is our after-school treat.

14. We’ve got some sweet spots for stargazing, just look to the sky!

15. Brrrrrrrr! We can eat our ice cream in a fishall rolled up or shaved!

photo: SF Recreation and Parks

16. Tons of totally-new and totally-rad parks are popping up every day!

17. We can go camping year-round with dozens of options just a short drive away.

18. Even the youngest of tots can enjoy a trip to the theater.

19. Our road trip options are endless with Tahoe, Pismo Beach, Orange County and Pebble Beach as just a few of our many choices.

20. There are loads of options for tiny train lovers to ride the rails from Sonoma down to Felton.

photo: Tarah Photography

21. Forget the cheesy photo backdrops at Sears—our whole city is a family photo shoot waiting to happen.

22. Our hot chocolate is world’s away from powder in a pouch—do you prefer Mexican, dark or lavender-infused?

23. Monarchs spend their winter here (who wouldn’t) and there are tons of opportunities to get up-close-and-personal with them and their buggy friends.

24. There is absolutely no threat of a carousel shortage.

25. We can make our own chocolate and ice cream, too!

photo: Erin Feher

26. The perfect playdate is just a Cable Car ride away.

27. Year-round farmer’s markets bring persimmons, plums, pumpkins and peas to our dinner tables.

28. We can leave the city and explore the shore and all the tiny creatures that inhabit the nearby tidepools.

29. We have the world’s best museums, and as locals we can enjoy all the extra perks of membership.

30. Our summers last forever and bring some of the coolest festivals and county fairs.

31. We get to enjoy all the pretty leaves, but don’t have to shovel any snow.

photo: Bar SZ Ranch

32. We can pretend we are Old McDonald at these farmstays where we wake up with the roosters.

33.  Our kid can become a chefan artist or even a circus performer in their free time.

34. The Bay Area ranks as one of the most book-lovin’ places on earth and we still have plenty of great independent bookstores where we can get our fix.

35. We have some of the coolest Instagram moms on the planet.

What makes you thankful that you are a Bay Area Parent?

—Kate Loweth