23 Each day with your child reveals new mysteries and adventures. As you watch them turning into the person they’ll become, do you sometimes wish you could see into their future? The next best thing is one of Dabney Oliver’s AstroCutie readings. You may recognize her name from her monthly astrology column in Parents magazine, or from her appearance on “The Today Show.” She’ll read your child’s chart (using the date and time of his birth) to come up with a perfectly personalized, honest, empowering, and hopeful reading that will inspire you as to which traits to nurture in your child. She can also do a mother and child reading to help you understand how the stars play into you and your child’s relationship (useful in navigating future conflicts (hello, adolescence!) down the road). If you’ve got a little Leo who thinks the world revolves around her, or a tiny Capricorn who’s already displaying signs of being a future “neatnik,” Oliver’s reading can provide some guidance in dealing with your sweet one’s star sign. Whether you believe in the power of the stars or not, it’s a fun way to find out more about your child; past clients say Oliver really “gets” their kids and they were surprised how much the reading revealed. Let her help solve the mystery of who your kids will grow up to be.

Astrology readings in-person and by phone, $135 – 200.