20Not sure which school of child-rearing you belong to? Looking for a therapist who can offer solutions for every stage of early childhood (and parenthood)? Symbio is a one-stop shop for parents who want help with no dogma.

Formed by Noelle Cochran (pictured, Ph.D. in psychology and a sleep specialist; she’s known as a sleep-training wizard, especially for her work with twins) and Lele Diamond (a licensed marriage and family therapist with extensive background in child development, especially children with behavioral and emotional problems), Symbio strives to meet the diverse needs of modern parents. Handling everything from beginning parenthood to preschool fit evaluations, they assist without putting parents or kids in a box. Calling them in to help with sleep training, behavioral issues, or other transitions can be a relationship- and sanity-saver. Parents can even do quick check-ins via phone for specific sleep training advice or a child development consultation.

Upcoming educational presentations at the Symbio office include tomorrow’s presentation on “Managing Sibling Rivalry” and April 22’s “Parental Anger & Conflict in the Home”; both start at 7 p.m., are about 90 minutes long, and cost $40 per person or $60 per couple. Symbio also runs a book group meeting once a month to discuss books related to parenting. Check in with their website for their current newsletter, upcoming events, and more info on their philosophy.

888 O’Farrell St, Suite 106
San Francisco