While the strangest things could happen in your own backyard or during your morning walk, sometimes it’s great to see a little bizarre or strange way outside your home. Like making a jaw-dropping bulldozer building as your pit stop or picking up smooth glass pebbles on the beach. Whether it’s for ten minutes or half a day, 7×7’s Spencer Spellman brings you five of the quirkiest attractions in Northern California.

Fort Bragg Glass BeachNo hidden or literal meanings here – Glass Beach is just as it sounds, a glass beach. The story of Glass Beach is one of the most unique, making it a far cry from your typical California beach. Years ago the beach served as a dump for locals. Decades of waves beating down on the glass that was dumped here smoothed them out, transforming the beach into what it is today, a colorful beach full of small glass trinkets. This is a good half-day or day trip as part of a weekend visit to Fort Bragg or nearby Mendocino.

Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyTo the general onlooker, Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville is no different than your everyday brewery. However, spend a little time at the brewery learning about the history of Boonville and the brewery and you’ll see that there’s more than meets the eyes. The town of Boonville has its own officially recognized dialect, Boontling, which you may hear being spoken around the brewery. Many of the beers are even named after words from the dialect. Other unique features of the brewery include an 18-hole disc golf course and their mascot, Barkley, who is part deer and part bear.

Burlingame Museum of Pez MemorabiliaWho doesn’t have fond memories of a pez dispenser as a kid? Now you can relive those childhood memories just south of San Francisco in Burlingame at the Museum of Pez Memorabilia. The museum features tons of different Pez dispensers, including the world’s largest. Other areas of the museum include a classic toy museum, where you can find more of your favorite toys from your childhood.

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