Breakfast in bed is lovely, and a handmade macaroni necklace is always quite nice. But for a mom who just got her brood through a nasty flu season, or just wrapped up potty training, a bigger bounty might be in order for Mother’s Day. Here are a few of our picks for 2009:

16_1Jewelry designer Vicente Agor’s silhouette necklaces put an image of your
baby in precious metals; you can “bling” it out with custom embellishments like diamonds or other precious stones. While his 18-carat gold necklaces are more high-end, he’s also just released a fine silver collection called seventynine47. A silver pendant with a diamond retails for $275.

16_2San Francisco’s grand dame of pampering, the Nob Hill spa, has a Mother’s Day Transformation package sure to erase any signs of harried mommy life. It includes a 50-minute massage, 25-minute facial, and a body elixir, not to mention full use of the spa’s pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, yoga room and more. Make it an afternoon away for $245.

16_3For those seeking patience and mindfulness (helpful when dealing with toddlers), the Mother’s Day yoga retreat at Iron Horse vineyards is just the ticket. It combines a morning yoga class, a gourmet lunch and wine tasting in one of wine country’s most scenic ranches, and an afternoon of gentle restorative yoga. Peace of mind for $350? Sign us up.

Drop a hint or two, Mama. You’ve earned it.