15What time did little Eva go down for her nap yesterday? How long did she sleep for? Did Jacob nurse off the right one or the left one last time? How many ounces did he eat? How many hours of sleep did I get last night?

If scratch pads full of scribbled baby notes are making you feel cluttered and confused, Baby Brain is here to save the day! No, not that addled feeling that makes it hard to remember when you last brushed your teeth–the new iPhone application invented by parents Jay and Jackie Ashton.

With two children under two, Jackie needed a way to keep track of her youngest’s stats without having to search for pens or scraps of paper to scribble on while chasing after a toddler. Baby Brain helps parents track naptimes, diaper changes, and feedings-there’s even a breastfeeding timer and a place to add temperature and medication information. You can add as many children as you need to which makes it a snap for parents of multiples. And you can email reports to your significant other, nannies, doctors, anyone who needs to know your baby’s routine. Your mushy mind will feel more at ease.

Baby Brain