14 When you drop your kiddo at preschool, you can’t help but admire all the adorable eco-friendly lunch boxes, reusable snack bags and stainless steel sippy cups lining the cubbies. You look down at your own juice-boxed, saran-wrapped landfill-destined mess and realize you’re green with eco envy. You’d love to set a better example of sustainable living for your little ones, if only you could find the time to gather the gear.

Luckily, Bay Area “mom-trepreneur” Renata Bodon saw a need and filled it. Bodon was surprised at the dearth of safe, reusable lunch ware options, and so One Small Step was born.

Inspired by her own shopping efforts for a waste-free lunch for her daughter, the website is a one-stop shop of sustainable goodness for all your eating, drinking and snacking needs. You’ll find cotton and steel lunch boxes, bento sets, bamboo utensils, sandwich wraps and more. With lunch gear for both adults and children, One Small Step took their mission further and made their products not just eco-friendly, but also a-dor-able!

One Small Step

PS– One Small Step donates 10% of its gross sales to schools and nonprofits.