cardstoreCan’t remember which kid (the spitter, the biter, or the one who played sweetly with your little tot) goes with which card you collected at the playground (the attorney, the C.P.A, or the boutique owner)? Don’t worry; other parents are probably trying to match you to your little one as well. Make sure you’re remembered by handing out a customized “mommy card” from Oakland’s

Available in 24 contemporary and stylish designs (by local gurus February 13 Creative) in colors that pop, the cards can be personalized with your name, your child’s name, and a photo. Simply use the website’s online software to tweak the text (“Mom of Juliette,” etc.) to your liking, click to order, and within days you’ll have a bundle of cards to slip into a pocket of your diaper bag or purse. Whenever you and your kid meet a child and parent you “click” with, just hand over one of the cards and you’ve opened the door to a playdate. They come in handy especially during those hectic, first weeks of school. Twitter and Facebook may have their place, but sometimes a good old-fashioned calling card does the trick.

As a bonus, the cards are made on 100% post-consumer waste, chlorine-free processed, Green Seal certified paper manufactured entirely with wind electricity, so you can feel good about being analog in a digital age.

Mommy Cards, $15 for a set of 25