3Camp is over but there’s still some summer left to fill with fun activities for your little one– running out of ideas? You can get a weekly “assignment” through website Yuumii.com (meaning, “a little bit of you, and a little it of me”). Parents are encouraged to work the assignments with their children, guiding and teaching along the way — sometimes learning in the process — with projects like building a sundial; making colorful “fireworks” out of food coloring, water, and oil; behaving like your favorite animals (eagles, for example); and much more.

Started by a Glen Park family who wanted to come up with creative ways to spend more quality time with their kids, Yuumii allows followers to comment on how the assignment is going for them and how much their children enjoyed it. You can also view other users who have completed assignments and try to catch up with some of your fellow adventurers. Best of all, it’s free! So sign up and get started–who knows, you may even keep up your weekly adventures throughout the school year.