How can it already be time to start thinking about summer camps for our kids? Over the years they’ve become accomplished ballerinas, clowns, soccer players, jedi, and more—what else is there to do? How about sending them on a culinary tour of the globe where little foodies will learn about cuisine from around the world, and more importantly, how to cook them at home? Say goodbye to hot dogs and macaroni for dinner, because your budding chefs will be wowing you with their refined palates and expert kitchen skills after their weeklong stint at “A Little Yumminess Around the World” summer camp.

Designed for pint-sized travelers and future chefs ages 6-8, this summer camp introduces your kids to cooking and preparing different types of international foods. Little chefs will visit a new country or cuisine with each class, using books, arts and crafts, music, and of course, cooking activities to learn about various international cultures and the foods they eat. Who knew that all it takes to gets our kids to eat foods from exotic locations like Morocco or Argentina is an apron, a few bowls, and some inspiration?

Led by Simran and Stacie, the San Francisco moms behind the global food blog A Little Yumminess, this dynamic duo will transform your little ones into adventurous eaters with their hands-on approach to cooking. Each day starts out with an introduction to the country of the day, followed by two cooking activities, broken up with ample amounts of group activities like yoga, stretching, reading, arts and crafts, and free time. Your cooks will even learn a thing or two about washing dishes, as each cooking activity has a designated “clean-up” time afterwards—sweet!

Check out the two different camps being offered this summer:

Session 1 – June 24th to 28th
Japan, Mexico, India, Middle East and Scandinavia

Session 2 – July 22nd to 26th
Thailand, Italy, Morocco, Hawaii and Argentina

Classes are help from 9:00am to 1:00pm daily at Seesaw.

For more information and registration, click here.

What is your kiddo planning on doing for summer? Does this camp sound like the perfect way to get your kids in the kitchen?

photos courtesy of A Little Yumminess & A Little Yumminess facebook page