Even if you lucked out with some awesome camps for the kids this summer there are still going to be plenty of days that just need filling. That’s why the newest Bay Area adventuring app, CreativeCity, is sure to become your favorite go-to download.


Hidden Gems
CreativeCity is the brain child of Lucie Charkin, founder of A Little Culture. As a busy mom to three girls, she knows it’s not always easy to pull off successful family outings exploring a city’s cultural landscape. That’s why she started work on an educational app that allows families to explore together and, in discovering details about art and history, find out something about themselves. The app opens on a map of the city which animates as you go. Choose from various curated artworks, including hidden gems like the Wave Organ in the Marina or the works of artist Diego Rivera.


Fun for Families
Each featured artwork is explored with a beautifully-crafted video, fun facts and age-appropriate challenges that bring some of the city’s most treasured public art to life. Aimed at families wanting to dig deeper into some of San Francisco’s cultural gems as well as visitors seeing the city for the first time, CreativeCity is designed not only to help kids discover the art around them, but to actively engage with it and explore their own identities too.

Bonus Features
Coinciding with the launch of the app in the Bay Area, the CreativeCity team are offering a downloadable passport so families can tick off the places they visit.  Call it an art scavenger hunt and all you need to do is pack the picnic. While you’ll need to pay for the app via the iTunes store, all the venues are free to the public, making it an easy meet-up for small groups.  The team are also offering two-hour field trips to some of the featured sites and are promising high energy fun with interactive games, hands on crafts and the chance for even the smallest participants to grapple with some big ideas. The events are designed for kids aged four years and up and tickets are available online.


Have you tried the app, or do you have other apps to recommend? Leave us a comment below.

–Emily Myers

All photos courtesy of CreativeCity