The Bay Area is both blessed and cursed with some of the very best kids museums in the country. The exhibits are unbelievable, but the crowds can get unbearable. But fear not: We’ve created the Academy of Sciences Survival guide, told in jaw-dropping images from their upcoming exhibit, Big Picture, running Aug 1–November 1. Click through for our 6 tips!

Let the Wave Pass

It’s tempting to shuffle the little’s along to make sure they see it all, but don’t let the pace of the crowd determine yours. Let your budding scientist study the leaf-carver ants for 20 minutes if she pleases, and you might find yourself pleasantly outside the fray. A good time to go: Weekdays after 1:30 pm, when most of the field trips have left for the day.

Image by Ray Collins

The California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Dr.
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, Ca

—Erin Feher

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