160 University Ave
(between Fishing Pier & Marina Blvd)
Berkeley, CA 94710

Following the concept that children have the most fun designing and building their own equipment and manipulating their environment, Adventure Playground captures all the fun, excitement, and thrills of old-school backyard playhouse building.  Let your kiddos run wild with “build your own playground” activities, including hammering, sawing, painting, a zip-line, and climbing on kid-designed and built forts, boats, and towers.  Before you get too nervous though, let us point out that tools must be earned through a process of pointing out dangerous objects and reporting them to adults, a method that attempts to educate kids before letting them hammer away. Adventure Playground is widely beloved in Berkeley, and has been written up as a top 10 playground in National Geographic and a top 5 playground in Newsweek. It offers kids a fantastic creative outlet, and you can’t beat the price (Free!).  We love that this playground allows kids to build, learn, grow and be productive and proud of their work. They love it because it’s fun. If you get tired, you can take a walk on the nearby shoreline to see the egrets, ducks, ground squirrels and other critters, or bring your lunch and picnic on the grass outside the play area. Adventure Playground is generally recommended for children seven years and older, and all kids must supervised by an adult. TIP: Groups of five or more kids will need a prior reservation to play in the playground, and parents should note that playing here does require old clothes, closed toe shoes, getting dirty, and adult supervision.  It’s worth it though. Go beyond couch cushions, and build a real fort!