It’s hard to believe that another year has come to an end. 2017 certainly kept us on our toes in many ways. We saw a brand-new bike park open in San Francisco, cookie dough in a cone became a thing, a rad new tween shop in Hayes Valley came on the scene and there were new playgrounds galore. We’ve got 20 of our faves—read on to make sure you didn’t miss any of the fun!

photo: Magical Bridge Playground

1. Our playgrounds, movie theaters and kid classes celebrated the inclusive spirit of the Bay Area by leaving no kid on the sidelines.

2. Tasty eats like Rise Pizza, Cashew Creamery and Tava Kitchen made dining out with kids an actual fun event.

3. Power moms gathered to share secrets, inspiration, struggles and Bloody Mary’s at In Good Company.

photo: Kate Loweth

4. We were able to drop off the kids and go shopping while they made masterpieces at Young Art.

5. The Taco Tuesday scene really upped its game at spots like Tacolicious and Gracias Madre.

photo: Kate Loweth

6. The museums treated us to some awesome exhibits like Neurosociety at Pace Art + Technology and Soundtracks at SFMOMA.

7. Chinatown brought us the new foodie mecca Chinatown Live and our taste buds could not be more thrilled.

8. We got some fantastic new playgrounds to spend all of our sunny days. One of our faves is the sculpture-like South Park playground.

9. Ice cream was taken to a whole other level with the introduction of Icicles Cream Roll (now open all over the Bay Area).

photo: Oakland Zoo

10. The Oakland Zoo added an amazing gondola so that you can get a bird’s-eye view of the brand new California Trails exhibit.

11. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with some groovy museum exhibits.

12. We pitched our tents and got to experience all the California coastline at these beach camping spots.

13. Raised Real started delivering organic baby food to the doorsteps of relieved parents all over the Bay Area.

photo: RADAR Productions

14. The wonder that is Drag Queen story hour returned to the SF and Oakland libraries.

15. Our new favorite tween store, Orange Bird, opened in the Hayes Valley.

photo: Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

16. Bill’s Backyard brought nature to the Children’s Discovery Museum in downtown San Jose.

17. The California Academy of Sciences brought us Curiosity Grove and ice skating!

photo: Kate Loweth

18. DOUGHP served up raw cookie dough in cones to the delight of kids of all ages.

19. San Francisco welcomed its very first bike park—McLaren Bike Park.

20. We celebrated 39 years of Pier 39 with movies, a roller disco party and a birthday shin-dig.

What was your favorite thing to happen in the Bay Area in 2017? Share the love below!

—Kate Loweth