We’re creeping into August this weekend and yes, we can’t believe it either. Both the SF Zoo and Oakland Zoo are open to visitors if you are looking for a little live animal fun, or meet all the Monster Jam favorites at virtual camp. Sun’s out, let’s celebrate!

photo: Tarah photography

The Oakland Zoo Is OPEN
The Oakland Zoo is open and ready to welcome back visitors. There are many new residents, including Kijiji the giraffe, Aluna, a newborn Hamadryas baboon, and seven newborn American buffalo calves. Fri.-Sun. Event details

Under-the-Stars Drive-In Movies
Watch classics from your car at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. The pop-up drive-in will be showing movies through August 1 and each ticketholder will receive general admission to next year’s fair. Fri.-Sat. Event details

Monster Jam Virtual Camp
It’s the last day of Monster Jam Virtual Camp and you don’t want to miss it. The curriculum combines art, math, science, writing, puzzle solving, physical activity and even kitchen pantry items that will let children create, use their imaginations and sharpen their skills while interacting with one of the world’s most beloved brands. Fri. Event details

Visit Golden Gate Park’s Bison (from Home)
Fans of Golden Gate Park’s resident bison are able to connect with the beloved beasts from home, thanks to two live webcams in their paddock. Event details

Cook White Sox Ballpark Favorites
Baseball is back! Although fans won’t be filling the seats, you can fill your stomachs with Chicago White Sox ballpark favorites. Get your fix of some of the game’s most iconic bites at home via their Home Plates recipe page. Event details.  

Mikey the Rad Scientist Show
Join Mikey the Rad Scientst for live science and music shows via Facebook. Plan to catch him all summer long so kids can keep learning and having fun! Fri. Event details

Chicago’s Lollapalooza
Lollapalooza is a staple of Chicago’s music festival scene. The fest will honor the beloved summer tradition by bringing Chicago, and the world, live music via a live stream.  The weekend-long  virtual event will include performances from around the city and archived, never-before-seen footage from Lollapalooza in Chicago and around the world. Fri.-Sun. Event details

—Kate Loweth


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