It’s almost Mother’s Day and every mom loves knowing that people in her life care. Peruse the list of things to do on Mother’s Day to find the activity that the mom in your life will enjoy. Moms out there—feel free to post this list on your fridge if you think your people might need a little nudge. Let’s celebrate moms!

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1. Make her some old-fashioned papercraft. Here’s a list of easy stuff to pick from. She’ll be touched with the effort and of course the masterpiece!

2. Make mom brunch—don’t worry, it’s easy. We’ve got some simple and delish recipes that your mini sous chefs can help you whip up.

3. Pretend that you are tourists in your own house. Give mom a grand tour of the house. For added fun, you can make a treasure hunt for mom with clues like, “under the bed where you kiss me the best goodnight,” or “mudpie time” for clues hidden in the mud-kitchen in the backyard.

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4. Got a book-loving mom in your family? Gift her some dough to spend at one of these local independent bookstores and let her spend the afternoon enjoying her new novel.

5. Make it an at-home spa day. Paint mom’s nails, give her a massage, slice some cucumbers for her eyes and presto! She’ll feel pampered and relaxed.

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6. Put her favorite cheese, crackers and beverage in the cooler and spread out the blanket for a backyard picnic.

7. If mom’s favorite spot is by the campfire, fear not, set up a tent at home! You can cozy up with her in the tent and read some favorite books together. Bonus: you can go sleep in your own beds if the sleeping bags just won’t cut it.

8. Make it a family movie night! Pop some popcorn, gather the blankets and queue up one of these favorite family flicks that are based in the Bay Area.

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9. If you would like to take some quality time with mom and the whole family, how about a bike ride together? Here’s our list of kid-friendly bike trails (just make sure you are maintaining proper distance from others).

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10. If your mom loves gardening and flowers, you can plant some of her favorite flowers or help her in the garden. You could even make it a yearly tradition to plant a tree honoring mother earth and your mother every year.

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11. And don’t forget, ask her to dress up and play make a silly face/monster face games. Get the whole family together for a fun set of pictures! Time with mom and family is super memorable, maybe you get a ton of pictures for a scrapbook for next year or her birthday!

—Shruti Priya Bapna

Featured photo: Jason Morrison via flickr


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