The Bay Area is home to heavy hitters of every stripe, from tech to sports to food. And it’s no surprise (to us, at least) that many of the people who make this city great are ambitious, creative, multitasking moms whose families have inspired them to aim higher and excel in their fields. We highlight a few of our favorite Bay Area Power Moms right here—click through to see them all!

Christine Tsai, Founding Partner of 500 Startups

Christine may not exactly fit the mold for a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, but that is just fine with her. Born in Guam, the mother of two is one of the few female VCs in the game, which has inspired her to write a few of her own rules. She founded  500 Startups, a global venture capital fund and startup accelerator that invests in promising companies and helps them grow to their full potential, in 2010 after more than 7 years at Google and YouTube (Where she helped develop products like AdSense, Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google's Developer Tools/APIs.) 500 Startups has more than 1,500 companies in their portfolio, including ipsy, Sprig, Homejoy (and our very own Red Tricycle), and today Christine leads a global team more than 130 people strong. Not to mention her two boys (age 5 and 2) who she leads at home.

Proud Moment: "Performing at Shoreline Amphitheater in 2006. I also led the charge on organizing and teaching choreography, recruiting dancers (aka a few of my awesome Google colleagues), and somehow squeezing rehearsals into our hectic schedules. Dancing is one of the few things that brings me joy, and to have the opportunity to perform on a stage which has been graced by legendary artists was an unforgettable experience."

Words of Wisdom: "Ruthlessly prioritize your time every day. Time is a precious commodity, especially when you're a parent. Saying "no" to things isn't easy, but it will go a long way towards protecting your physical and emotional wellbeing."

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–Erin Feher

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