The Bay Area is home to heavy hitters of every stripe, from tech to sports to food. And it’s no surprise (to us, at least) that many of the people who make this city great are ambitious, creative, multitasking moms whose families have inspired them to aim higher and excel in their fields. We highlight a few of our favorite Bay Area Power Moms right here—click through to see them all!

Lisa Sugar, Co-Founder of Popsugar and author of Power Your Happy

Tracking the lives of celebrities was simply a hobby and guiltily pleasure for Lisa Sugar until she decided to make it her business. She and her husband Brian started Popsugar ten years ago and today she helps oversee a booming media company with more than 500 employees. Lisa went from writing non-stop for the first few years (while also hiring and training new writers) to dreaming up and managing new initiatives including video series, product curation and sales (they now offer a monthly subscription box called POPSUGAR must have) and creative brand partnerships. But through it all, her philosophy of "do what you love" has stayed the same, and even inspired a brand new book: "Power Your Happy" was just released September 20.  

Proud Moment: "I just wrote a book! Power Your Happy came out on September 20th and I'm so proud that I could tell the story of POPSUGAR but more importantly, continue to inspire people act on how to fill their days with more of what they love to do!"

Words of Wisdom: "Forget balance. I don't do it all, but I do what I love. I balance my passions - not my time. I like to be crazy busy. It keeps me growing and pushing myself to learn new things and prioritize what means the most to me."

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–Erin Feher

All images courtesy of the subjects unless otherwise noted.