San Rafael Ave. & University Ave.
Tiburon, Ca

When little ones start to get crabby after an afternoon of shopping Tiburon’s historic Main Street, take them to Belvedere Community Park where they’ll be sure to get rid of some of that pent-up energy.  At one end of the playground are a pair of toddler full bucket swings, and all the way on the other end are two big kid swings and a tire swing.  Even though the park is slightly spread out, we like that there are cement paths that weave throughout, making it easier to navigate strollers. In between these two swing areas are three separate play structures, some more challenging than others, with monkey bars, rings, a couple of slides, and a Saharan-size sandbox. Items such as the white and blue tugboat and the fancy blue spider web climber are bound to be big hits with your little monkeys. Outside the encircling fence is a charming picnic area, basketball court, barbecue facilities, a small field of grass shaded by surrounding trees where moms can relax while watching youngsters at play.  This playground accommodates a broad age-range of kids, but keep in mind that it can be tricky to keep an eye on children at opposite ends.  Whether it’s a brief stop or an all day excursion, Belvedere Park Playground is enjoyable for all!