Remember when juices contained just one type of fruit? Grape juice, apple juice—pineapple juice if you really wanted to get wild. Flash forward to today, when our juices boast more ingredients than most dinner plates. And we aren’t complaining, since it seems most kiddies prefer to sip, suck and slurp their fruits and veggies than simply munch on them. So we’ve rounded up the best places for the whole family to get their juice on.

Sidewalk Juice, SF, Peninsula

This old standby, with two locations in the Mission (and one brand new spot in San Mateo), does things a little old school (no cold pressing), but we can’t imagine that packing smoothies full of actual fruit, nuts and veggies could be a bad thing. Plus, their prices are far more reasonable ($6–9 for juices and smoothies) than many of the new, hot juice joints in town. The menu is HUGE—they seem to have thought of every possible combination for you—and of course you can make up your own mix, but we suggest sticking to the Top Ten List of crowd favorites. Plus, to keep up with the new kids they have added popular Acai bowls and Kombucha to the menu.

3287 21 St.
San Francisco, Ca

3100 24 St.
San Francisco, Ca

212 Third Ave.
San Mateo, Ca

1236 Broadway Ave,
Burlingame, Ca


Are your little ones into liquid lunches? Where do you juice? Tell us in the comments below.

—Erin Feher


All images courtesy of the companies