Is your little Jackson Pollock begging for a paint-splattered birthday celebration? If the idea of making sure 20 paint-covered kids steer clear of your sofa doesn’t inspire you, why don’t you farm this project out to the experts? There are plenty of ultra-creative studios set up to create a birthday party masterpiece that your little artist will never forget. Click through to see what each artsy spot has to offer.

Party With the Masters: 4 Cats Art Studio

Kids here get to splatter paint like abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock or make their own Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol. There are themes from Monet to Van Gogh but if it must be a princess theme, that’s covered too. The kids work with professional grade materials and teachers guide them and throw in some basic art history. After an hour of studio time, there’s 45 minutes for cake and snacks. Kids leave with their own masterpieces and a fact or two about the themed artist. If there’s time for collaborative art, the birthday child can take that home too. 4Cats are a franchise with independent studios in Potrero Hill and Berkeley. $225 for 10 kids, $15 for each additional child. Parents' supply food.

379 Colusa Ave.
Kensington, Ca

291 Connecticut St.
San Francisco, Ca

photo credit: Andrea Balazs

How are you planning to celebrate with your little artist? Let us know in the comments below.

—Emily Myers