Marin is full of gorgeous outdoor settings to throw whatever Pinterest-perfect birthday party your heart desires. But… wait! What if planning a “Dress as Your Favorite Non-Violent Superhero” shindig is starting to feel too stressful? And maybe you don’t actually want to schlepp a bunch of homemade felt capes to the park? These places throughout Marin County offer the whole package—set-up, décor, and specialized themes—which means pure fun for them and (hooray!) no stress for you.

Play-Well TEKnologies

Engineers-in-training can get their hands on 20,000 (!) Lego pieces here with a specialist who leads a building project tailored to your kiddo’s interests. Parties can be held at your home but, if you’d prefer to keep those bricks on someone else’s floor, you can also hold parties at their location.

216 Greenfield Ave
San Anselmo, Ca

Photo credit: Nicki Dugan Pogue


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—Mae Respicio Koerner