Marin is full of gorgeous outdoor settings to throw whatever Pinterest-perfect birthday party your heart desires. But… wait! What if planning a “Dress as Your Favorite Non-Violent Superhero” shindig is starting to feel too stressful? And maybe you don’t actually want to schlepp a bunch of homemade felt capes to the park? These places throughout Marin County offer the whole package—set-up, décor, and specialized themes—which means pure fun for them and (hooray!) no stress for you.


You’ll find plenty of jazz hands, props, and great music at this high-energy dance party, especially fun for the younger set. Their (equally high energy) staff lead warm-ups and games (freeze dance, anyone?), all you have to do is pick a date and a theme. Parties are held in 2-hour time slots; the studio provides themed decorations while families bring any munchies.

874 Sweetser Ave
Novato, Ca

Photo credit: Tara-Caprice Broadwater


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—Mae Respicio Koerner