Tiburon Blvd
Intersection of Trestle Glen Road
Tiburon, CA 94920

If you could design a park that would be totally Tiburon, you’d probably come up with what you find at Blackie’s Pasture:  right on the waterfront, easy access to the main road, always good weather (at least it seems like it’s always good), lots of room for whatever suits your fancy, even a little uphill hiking if you wish. A former horse pasture, the park is named after the legendary horse who swam across San Francisco Bay in 1938 and survived to become Tiburon’s mascot. Get in some exercise with the long path for riding bikes or rollerblading, relax on the grassy areas for picnicking and kite flying, and keep the kiddos entertained on the playground areas; there is easy access to bathrooms, garbage cans and water fountains within the park as well.  The best part about Blackie’s Pasture is surely the impressive views of the waterfront, Sausalito, and San Francisco Bay. Catch the sunset from a park bench, or just enjoy the scenery on family bike ride. The parking lot nearby is large for Tiburon, but is usually close to full especially on sunny days, as well as being a bit of a walk to get to the green. With a little ingenuity though, street parking is not hard to find. Giddy-up!