Sausalito’s Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) is the hot spot for little explorers ages 2-10 looking for a fun outing while learning in an inspiring environment. Plenty of in- and outdoor activities and rotating exhibits get kids exploring, playing, and engaging without limits. Now, BADM is taking it to the next level and making it a breeze for parents and educators to learn, explore and create BADM-style at home, for free!


Photo credit: Center for Childhood Creativity via Facebook

Enjoy the Museum from Inside Your Living Room 
Whether you are a teacher, parent, or just love doing projects with little learners, go to You will get free access to an online space with over 55 different kids activities (and more to be added) that will enable little minds to work on all kinds of fun and innovative tasks.

Just to give you a taste: You will spot projects you might already do with your little learner but there is plenty of new plus the extra advice given on these pages is totally worth it. And it is all free and presented in a super simple way. Great for those days when you don’t feel like leaving your own four walls, but just want to create and be ingenious at home.


Photo credit: Cardboad Challenge via BADM

Some of Our Favorite Projects
Dive together into fun projects and games like the Cardboard Challenge and build a vehicle out of cardboard. And how about Found Portraits: Grab those old magazines, scissors and glue, and work on a totally improvised collage portrait. Tackle it with pictures, but also with letters, numbers, talk through and look for specific shapes. You live with a little nature lover? Learn how to Build A Habitat for an animal made out of recycled material. So simple and packed with endless imagination.


Photo credit: Found Portraits via BADM

The Coolest Crafts to Boost Brainpower
This ongoing program is being developed in cooperation with The Center for Childhood Creativity. The creators kept these three principles in mind: Activities have to be naturally fun, easy to do, and inexpensive. And all activities are based on the CCC’s research-backed “7 Components of Creativity”: imagination and originality, flexibility, decision making, communication and self- expression, collaboration, motivation, and action and movement.


Photo credit: Habitat Building via BADM

If you have an idea for a new project you’d love to share, submit it for consideration.

The Center for Childhood Creativity works to advance research on childhood creativity. This initiative is made possible by Walt Disney Company’s charitable support.

Related note: Until September 23rd the Discovery Museum in Sausalito will be closed for maintenance. It will reopen on the 24th with an Outdoor Learning Lab Adventure. No better excuse than to tackle now at home a fun project from

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Have you explored Creativity Catapult yet? Let us know what your next project will be!

–Sabine Klensch